The therapeutic effectiveness of Enterosgel has been demonstrated in:
infectious diseases
and other nosologies.

Efficiency has been proven by clinical trials; the first was started in 1982. The International Date of Birth (the date of the first marketing authorisation) is 29.7.1994. The total number of clinical evaluation participants (including post-marketing evaluation) is more than 21,000 subjects. More than 395 scientific papers and publications have been produced. Of this number:

  - Currently, 100,000,000 single doses of this medicinal product (6.000.000 initial packages) are administered annually in the Russian Federation & Europe. A marked favourable effect of the administration of Enterosgel in compliance with the instructions for use has been recorded in a large majority of the patients.

  - As to date, no unfavourable (unforeseen) side effects not stated in the instructions for use have been encountered, which has been confirmed also by the regular reports on the safety of medicinal products.

  -The risk associated with the use of Enterosgel has been assessed as insignificant (less than 1:1.000.000).